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MTHFR-B Vitamins 


Are you getting the most out of your B Vitamin?

MTHFR Gene Mutation is prevalent in 50% or more of the population. It causes your body to not utilize normal B-Vitamin Complexes found in food and vitamins. You'll need a methylated version of the B-Vitamin so your body can digest and use. Even if you don't have MTHFR a methylated version of the B Vitamin Complex is important and still needed. Thorne Research Methyl Guard Plus is methylated and only sold through practitioners. It has the same ingredients and quality of more costly prescriptions*. Myhealthstore does not encourage you stop your prescriptions. You have the option to compare your prescription B-Vitamin to the Thorne version sold with Myhealthstore and you will see identical dosage and ingredients for a fraction of the cost.*

This is a link to a commonly prescribed Methylated B Vitamin so you can compare ingredients and dosage amounts: http://www.drugs.com/imprints/mg1-21044.html

What happens when your body is low on the B Vitamin Complex?

Low Energy Levels
Increased Cancer Risk
Photosensitivity to Light
Cardiovascular Disease
Fetal Development Problems
Autoimmune disease

Problems From A MTHFR Gene Mutation & Low B Vitamin Intake

Individuals with low activity of the MTHFR enzyme may present with elevated homocysteine levels, which have been associated with inflammation and heart disease, birth defects, difficult pregnancies, and potentially an impaired ability to detoxify. Nutrient deficiencies in Folate, B6 and B12 have been associated with elevated homocysteine. Individuals with the MTHFR gene actually have a difficult time processing folic acid that is present in most cheap supplements and added to processed foods. Some professionals claim that this type of folic acid may even cause a build-up in the body leading to toxicity. Studies have been done that showed folic acid supplements increased cancer risk. This is one more reason to ditch processed foods and your normal multivitamin!


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